Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Annoying Mother!

So I found out why mom wanted me to help with the grocery shopping the other day! It turns out there is a new cashier at the supermarket who she is trying to set me up with!!

The whole walk to the store she was acting very weird, she kept asking if I had brushed my teeth and straightening my jacket and brushing dust off it. And when I asked her why she was doing those things she just smiled and said "it's nothing, boobums, you're just such a handsome boy". So we get to the store and all of a sudden she keeps pretending not to know where things are and keeps saying "Oh, be a dear, I can't see the garlic anywhere, go ask that young lady over there", and I was like "mom, we are standing right in front of the garlic, you are holding some in your hands right now," and she just smiles and says "no, boobums, it's nothing, you're just such a personable boy, go talk to the nice girl." unbelievable!!!

Eventually I had no choice but to talk to her because mom picked her checkout line to stand in, even though it was the longest line in the whole place! There were about five other guys with their mothers in front of us and they were all taking forever! So we stand there for a long time and when we get to the register finally I'm trying to act all cool about it but my mother says "this is my son, Emile, he's very personable and an important sociologist at the university". I was like thanks mom, how embarrassing. And then the girl just looks at me and goes "sociologist? You mean like that Max Weber guy?" Imagine! I just coughed loudly and told mom I would wait outside. I think she was quite angry that I didn't give her more of a chance, she didn't say a word to me the whole way home, and made me carry all the groceries except the baguette which she used to hit me with every few minutes.



Blogger magic_kitten said...

how embarassing. every time i bring a boyfriend home my dad feels that its his duty to spend upto an hour interrogating him and delving into his past my last boyfriend was so afraid that my dad would talk to him again that he would just wait in the car down our drive for me. but still at least my rents never tried to set me up with someone, completely cringeworthy!

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On TV, someone selling airsoft guns got caught because police in China sees toys as real guns, especially b4 this 2008 Games, and my MOTHER said to me, "lookie here boobums, thats the GUN you have right there!" And I felt bad right there! Geese, what DID she mean actually? Should I call the police and SURRENDER??

"Hey! Police precinct? I've got a toy rifle here and I wanna revolt and be the enemy of the state!"

Now they're all trying to make this look good, and that means you don't even play your toy.

And what about a dildo? Bet thats more Olympic Friendly!

7:03 AM  

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